Wednesday, October 20, 2010

study last minute!

oh my god!
i am gonna sit for exam next week!
i have not covered any syllabus yet!
and today is Wednesday!
i'am worried about my three subject - accounting, economics and law!

so here i would share some tips for those who will sit for the exam (including myself)
i hope this tips is useful for you guys...

1.find your prime time

  • some find their minds fresher and function better in the early mornings, some just the opposite.
  • as for me: i prefer to study at night!
  • don’t waste your best hours on TV or computer games, they will just suck your energy and leave you too exhausted for studying afterwards

2.don't study hard??

  • the smarter way to study is, study the right thing
  • picking out important points when you read a textbook. You may create your own short notes or cards that you can refer to at a glance and remember easily.
  • create acronyms for long lists of words that you need to remember
3.refer to past year questions

  • past year questions often repeat similar patterns over the years so you can observe the way questions are being asked
  • can observe the popular topics and subtopics that came out so you know what to focus on in your revisions
4.stay away from 'lagha' things!

  • lagha: things that can make us forget to study!
  • example: TV, cell phones, computer games or social networking websites(facebook.myspace)
  • discipline is the key to achive this task!
5.enough sleep

  • before any exam you need to have a good night's sleep
  • sleep for about 6~7 hours

  • in order to avoid unpredictable complexities with your health, try not to change your diet right before the test, even if new foods are healthier.
  • take a breakfast before sit for exam in the morning and eat more fruits and vegetables
7.reduce stress

  •  speak with your friends or family about your anxiety about a test.
  • so that your stress will reduce a bit

that ALL! 
just do it and practice this tips..
insyaallah you will get better result this semester!

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