Thursday, October 7, 2010

the making of "waterstonemix.blogspot"

Ais Kacang or more popular known as "air batu campur" or ABC for short is very popular dessert in Malaysia.
It is my favourite dessert!

It taste : very sweet-tasting make me fall in love with this dessert. 
Most of its ingredients is ice with adding some nuts, jelly and syrup.
The other ingredients are red beanssweet corngrass jelly, and cendol form the base. Evaporated milk, condensed milk, or coconut milk is drizzled over the mountain of ice. To cater to the palates of the modern customer, some stalls have even introduced the topping of ABC such as durianchocolate and ice cream. There are also versions that multi-coloured syrup and are served with just a drizzling of gula melaka syrup instead. 
The combination of variety ingredients make the dessert very delicious!

machine to make ABC

some of the ingredients
ice to make ABC
The term "air batu," literally translated as "stone water," means "ice" and "campur" means "mixed". The word "kacang" is a Malay word for bean as well as nuts, and the word "ais" is a transliteration of the English term "ice."

From that translation i got an idea to named my URL as


atira abdullah said...

it's my feveret!!!

hamirah mira mim said...

bila ko nak belanja ak abc...kat tesco abc sedap gler

Nurul Farihin said...

slurpp. slurppp. mahuuu :p

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