Wednesday, September 29, 2010

people who colouring my life

There is no place better than our home. And there is no better person than our family.

My Family

I live in a small family. My father is Abd Rahman bin Koerno. While my mother is Magiwati binti Mat Said. The only sister and sibling i have is Rasyidah binti Abd Rahman. Although we are not rich but i am so proud with my family and always happy with them.
My Father and My Mother

My father is the fourth from eleven siblings! He born on 3rd March 1963. He is a strict person. Since i was small my father teach my sister and i not in a soft way but actually not to hard. But we never blame our father because we know that our father love us and want their children to be a better human being in the future.
My Mother During Last Raya

My mother is the eldest from six siblings. She born on 24th November 1964. She such a great chef in our house. I love my mom's cook! Some of the food that i like are laksa, soups, chicken rice and much more. Same with my father, my mother teach us in a strict way. But i understanding that she still love us a lot.

My Sister
My sister is 22 years old this year.She graduated in Diploma in Tourism Management at Johore Bahru Polytechnic. She is very responsible and care about me. Although we always fought when children but now we are closer each other.

Yup. There are only three of them. My father, mother and sister. Small but happy family.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a piece of me...

My name begin with letter 'K' and ended with letter 'R' and equal to Khairulanwar. Or my full name actually Khairulanwar bin Abd Rahman. I leave in a small family. I am the youngest from two siblings which my sister is two years elder then me.

I was born on 28th of July 1990, in a small village named Kampung Melayu Lima Kedai which is located in Gelang Patah but near to Taman Mutiara Rini, Skudai.

I'm a quiet person when at the first meet. But after know each other, i can be a person who cannot stop when talking!

I love to sing. When i was child, my mother told me that i cried a lot. Maybe because of that i have a high pitch of voice now (hahaha...). Until now i still love to sing even in the toilet! :-)

Music has flow in my blood. I love to listen to song which have a meaning in my life. Music that influenced me is music that from an indonesian band like Ungu, Kerispatih, Dewa19 and Sheila On 7 but i also listen to our local band like Estranged, Spider, Bunkface and much more. I also love to hear songs from Faizal Tahir and Aizat. Both of them are an intelligent singer songwriter in Malaysia. Most of their song are my favourite! While an English song? i'm not interested with it. I only listen a few of them.

Actually, before this i really want to join with this kind of hobby (writing blog). But i have no time to write. Busy with work, study, exam and bla bla bla...

But after Mr. Harun (MGT417 lecturer) ask to write a blog for our assignment i am so excited with it! and i hope i will continue to write in this blog and not just a purpose of assignment only...
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