Thursday, March 8, 2012

TOP 10 Browser

Assalamualaikum and may you guys have a peace of life...

For this post I will write in English. This is the second time for my fully English post. The first one is on Rebecca Black Phenomenon

Back to the topic,
Some people very careful and fussy while selecting their browser when surfing internet. As for me I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. But recently I regularly use Chrome because it is more smooth, faster and do not easily to 'crash' like Firefox.

When downloading I prefer to use Fifefox because we can use third party software like Orbit to download video on Youtube or any other video in the web.

Based on TopTenReviews the most popular browser are:

* click on the blue font to download  the file

The most secure browser are (2012) :
1. Google Chrome
2. Internet Explorer
3. Mozilla Firefox 

I hope with this information you will have a better experience while surfing.


- more English article after this -

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Anum said...

thank you sir, ^^

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